Marini's Candies

If you've ever been to Santa Cruz there's a good chance you stopped in at a Marini's Candies store for some salt water taffy or even some chocolate covered bacon.  Victor Marini, the founder, brought his family over from Italy in 1905.  He originally opened a barbershop on Cooper Street, then 10 years later in 1915 one of his customers asked him to purchase their popcorn stand at the Boardwalk; Victor agreed and the rest is history!

Marini's Candies was a no brainer when it came to adding it to our basket.  It's the perfect fix if you're homesick or if you're trying to send a little bit of Santa Cruz to someone!

Our Taste of Santa Cruz Basket - Petite has both their salt water taffy and their bacon brittle as well as many other delectable treats!



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