The Male Pail Contents - Part 1

With the addition of the Male Pail it was time to source new artisans and products that were great for our men!  In this next mini-series of blog posts leading up to the release of the Male Pail we'll talk about all of our new products and the artisans who make them!

Our first introduction is to Whiskey Oak Seasonings.  Whiskey Oak Seasonings is one of our first artisans from San Jose.  All of their seasoning blends are made with the highest quality spices and  are smoked with natural hardwoods.  They cold smoke their products which means the spices do not lose all of their essential oils, have a longer shelf life and more flavor.  They also use kosher salt instead of large grain sea salt so their blends are ready to go and don't require any extra grinding.  

We can't wait to use their seasonings for our summer BBQ's!


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