Give a Basket...Build Community!

When we were thinking of a slogan for our online gift basket company, Give Back Basket, we came up with "Give a Basket...Build Community."  We thought of it rather quickly because it needed no spin - it was true. However, as simple as it sounds it's much more complex. By giving a basket from Give Back Basket, you support a network of community.

You are supporting the local artisans by buying their products, you are supporting a local non-profit that in turn helps others and employs many, and you support our start up company that is passionate about helping this community. Even if you don't live in our community, you probably have visited and enjoyed everything Santa Cruz and all that our surrounding towns have to offer. And if you have visited, we are glad you came and want you to return. If you have yet to visit, come see what all the hype is about and make sure to visit our local treasures including the bountiful farming communities.

Thank you for your interest in Give Back Basket. We hope you enjoy the gift basket.

Gina & Adam
The Dreamweavers of Give Back Basket


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