Cincinnati Chili in Santa Cruz?


I met with Joanna Manoff after discovering her and her husband Todd's amazing Cincinnati Chili at the Westside Farm and Feed, our local neighborhood store.  We were excited to try the recipe. After tasting the chili and reading the history we knew it had to be in our basket.

So how did Cincinnati Chili get to Santa Cruz?  For all you who grew up in Santa Cruz you may remember Manoff's Rancho Burger. Located on Water Street, this hamburger haven thrived for forty years before closing it's doors. It was here that Manoff's Chili recipe was showcased in Santa Cruz by Thomas Manoff, Jr (Todd's father) who operated Rancho Burger until 2001. Thomas Manoff Sr. created the recipe and served it at his restaurant Manoff's Strand Chili Parlor in Newport, Kentucky and later at Tip Top Hamburgers in Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Unfortunately, you can no longer get a burger at Rancho Burger but you can get the chili spice mix created by Todd and Joanne online and make your own at home.

Don't want to make chili?  Then try it as a rub for your steak or burger.

For ordering and for more history of Manoff's Chili go to: 



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