Welcome Notso!

Notso Hot Sauce was created after the owners father realized that most hot sauces, even in a small amount, would overpower a dish.  His mission was to create a condiment that complimented and enhanced dishes without being too powerful and that's how Notso was born.  Notso began as a favorite of family and  friends but was soon being requested all over the United States.  Notso landed in Santa Cruz where it is now being produced with the highest quality ingredients that are often locally sourced.  Notso does have spicier brother, Itso Hotsauce.  Notso Sauces are proud to be  Notso  is GMO free, contains no preservatives, and has no artificial dyes.  Ready to taste the difference with Notso?  You can find them in our Taste of Santa Cruz Large Baskets.

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