Local Non-Profit Organizations

With each gift basket purchase, we will donate 5% of the proceeds to one of the following local non-profits:


Team G Childhood Cancer Foundation

Team G childhood cancerTeam G Childhood Cancer Foundation was created with a two-part mission.  The first part is providing direct support to families fighting childhood cancer.  This is carried out through “Hope Totes” given to newly diagnosed cancer parents.  These packages are distributed through many regional childhood cancer centers across the nation.

The second part is raising funds for pediatric cancer research.  With less than 4% of the National Cancer Institutes total budget allocated to all 12 types of pediatric cancers, there is a great need for further resources to bring cutting edge cancer treatments for children fighting cancer. They are committed to serving our children until the day when no child dies or is left with life long effects from this devastating disease. http://teamgfoundation.org/

Teen Kitchen

Teen Kitchen ProjectThe Teen Kitchen Project is a nonprofit organization that brings young people into the kitchen to learn to cook delicious and nourishing food. The meals they prepare are delivered free of charge to individuals and families who are in crisis due to a life-threatening illness like cancer.

The teens gain skills in cooking healthy food, learn about the impact of their food choices, and are offered an opportunity to build connections through community service.

The Teen Kitchen Project operates on Monday and Tuesday afternoons, out of a commercial kitchen in Soquel, California. They are supported through donations from the community. http://www.teenkitchenproject.org/


Balance for kidsThe Balance organization will address the needs of children with severe disabilities in a collaborative model with private organizations, parents, and public schools working together. They seek to increase student success in the school and home setting by bringing alternative supplemental programs to public education and the home. Balance supports the inadequate existing conditions and resources for children with disabilities through their various programs. https://balance4kids.org

Operation Surf

operation surfOperation Surf honors active duty military wounded/injured and Veteran heroes through an epic life-changing surfing experience that builds confidence and healing to move forward in a positive direction.  They offer the experiences in both Santa Cruz and Huntington Beach. http://amazingsurfadventures.org/programs/operation-surf/


UnChainedUnChained fosters empathy, respect and responsibility in youth through the human-animal bond. Programs pair at-risk youth with homeless dogs for dog training in basic skills, manners and socialization, helping the dogs find permanent homes. Training dogs who share similar experiences of neglect, abandonment or abuse enables youth to feel compassion for others and improve their sense of self-worth.  www.livingunchained.org